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Weight Training Log Book



52 Weight Training Charts!

You choose:

*Training log spiral bound in water proof plastic cover.

*Loose charts to file away.

Ten workout sessions with ten exercises per card. Keep your training stats in one place.


Strength training is about overload and progression, you must write down your weights and repetitions for every training session.  

Charting insures you apply overload for every workout. No slacking, always try to do more reps or weight than your last workout.

Progression keeps your body adapting to the always new stimulus!


Product Features  

  • Designed for High Intensity strength Training
  • Charts can could also be used for multi-set training
  • Large Boxes to write reps and weights.
  • Quality Card Stock spiral bound into one book or loose charts.
  • Back side of chart is for measurements, starting and ending weights, goals, rehab soap note
"If you like exercise, chances are your doing it wrong."



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