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About MassageMinder

The idea...1999

It all started while enjoying a cold beverage with a friend, brainstorming some of my latest ideas. Organizing the business of massage therapy is something that is often overlooked in massage schools.  I had always struggled with being organized for that yearly task/torture of taxes, every year promising, I am going be more organized next year. How? I needed an organizer — one specifically designed for the business of bodywork…  MassageMinder appointment books was born!  


MassageMinder gets better every year with input from fellow therapists offering suggestions.

If your idea is incorporated, you get a free MassageMinder! Any ideas? I would love to hear from you. Email me at


While managing a Nautilus Club in the mid 1980's I had come across an article in Fitness Industry magazine about a sports massage school in California. I was receiving some massage while I was competing in speed skating and had just taken some lessons from a local therapist just out of personal interest. After reading the article and talking with John Harris, one of the founders of the school, I checked my savings plan at my job... I had the exact amount for tuition. It was a sign. I loaded up my car and headed to northern San Diego. So, in 1987 I attended the Sports Massage Training Institute of Encinitas, CA.                                                    

(Side note-Bob McAtee, author of the book Facilitated Stretching and inventor of the Hand-L massage tool, was one of my instructors.)

I have had the good fortune to work with world class athletes at such events as the 1988 Olympic Trials, 1990 Goodwill Games, 1996 Summer Olympics and RAAM (Race Across America) ultra endurance bicycle race. I also did some work for Saturn’s Professional Cycling Team, authored Massage For Cyclists, (1995), and produced a video titled Massage For Athletes.

Location of MassageMinder Appointment Books  is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have a small print shop in house. It's actually in my house: I print, bind, drill, coil, assemble and ship from home. When I used local print shops in the past they would always tour me through their facilities. I asked questions about the different equipment they used for my print job. I figured out what I needed to start doing some of the work myself and gradually bought the necessary equipment off of ebay. Now I can do the entire job from home. The good news is I can save time and money by cutting out the middle man and I can print when I need to print. The challenge is that part of my house is a print shop and I am always at work... So I just need to find that happy balance and walk away when the day is done!

I try to stay fit via HIT style of strength training at the Nautilus Cafe, competing in cyclocross during the fall and winter seasons. I also enjoy cross-country skiing and camping with my Australian Cattle Dog, Zeke!


Roger Pozeznik  

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My fall time sport, Cyclocross.

AMTA Pittsburgh Convention receiving 25 year pin. (2015)

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