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Why should I get a MassageMinder Appointment Book instead of a appointment book at a office store or a app?

MassageMinder Appointment Books are designed specifically for the Massage Therapy Industry and the Business of Bodywork. Developed by a therapist who started out in 1987 not very organized in business, but learned over the years of what it takes to be more efficient in business. If your like most massage therapists, your the visual and tactile type of person that needs to see and feel the whole week ahead of them.

Online scheduling is great if you have a steady list of clients. A good online program will be around $29.95 a month. So you may want to start with a paper appointment book to build your client list and collect emails. Survey your clients on how they like to schedule. Some of the older folks like to still call on the phone. But, once you have a nice list of emails it may be worth the monthly $29.95.

What is inside MassageMinder Appointment Books?

Muscular Chart, Client Ledger, Continuing Education Ledger, Gift Certificate Ledger, Business Mileage Ledger, Business Receipt Envelope, 15 minute Intervals, Full day on Sunday… printed on quality paper, bound and shipped from Michigan!


What if I find a typo?

Well, this is embarrassing... but human errors do happen. Let me know asap! If your the first one to point it out to me you get a free book next year! What if you're not the first person... you still get a code for 50% off next years book! email Roger at info@massageminder.com

What if my Binder breaks?

Email Roger at info@massageminder.com with your shipping address, book size and I will send you a new one!

If I don't like it can I return it?

Yes, no problem. Send it to: MassageMinder, 712 Pioneer Street, Kalamazoo, MI  49008

How do I give feedback or make a suggestion?

Email Roger at info@massageminder.com



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