Training Journal For Cyclists


Welcome to the Training Journal For Cyclists!

Yes, there is an app for that ... but some of us like to see it, touch it, and flip through it. If you drop it, it won’t crack. If you spill coffee/beer on it, be sure to sit it in a bowl of dry white rice to absorb moisture... No, not really, just wipe it off... it will be fine.

1. Set Goals: Don't have any? Get some! Write them down. Make a commitment. Track and learn from your training program.

2. Monthly Training and Events Schedule: First, schedule your big events or races. Then, plan your training around your important events and don't forget to schedule rest days and massage.

3. Weekly Training: Note your type of training such as recovery ride, intervals, hills or strength training... Make notes about mileage, time, average speed, sleep, temperature, weather, route, etc. Total your miles and time. Tally each page and carry forward to track your yearly totals!

4. Event/Race Resume for the season: Log your events or races. Include notes about how you performed and felt so you can learn how to train better next year.

*Also, an Envelope: Bound in the back of the book to keep cycling related receipts, entry forms...


78 Pages

Tough water proof cover

Spiral bound

12 months worth of training pages

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