Nautilus Headquarters-1984 Poster (Nautilus Exercise Machines)


Nautilus Sports Medical Industries-Poster (11x17)

I took this photograph on July 26th,1984... the day before a Nautilus Seminar I had attended.

The certificate of the completion of the seminar provides the date. The 35mm photograph was digitized and cleaned up.

The car of Arthur Jones the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines is under the awning. 
Ellington Darden's bicycle is down at the other end of the awning under the Time Machine sign. 

Ellington Darden told me via email that it was his bike under the awning.

("Yes, that's my old bike under the awning. It was eventually stolen some 10 years later in Gainesville."  Ellington)

There are only (80) Posters (11x17) Limited Edition Posters of Nautilus available. (Arthur Jones died at the age of 80 in 2007)

The poster comes with a card of Authenticity with the picture of the poster on the other side. 

Verifying what number poster you have of the 80 i.e. 1/80, 2/80, 3/80... 

A must-have for those interested in exercise history!

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